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Donner Pass has a well-known and gruesome history – the place where George Donner and his party of settlers got stuck in the winter of 1846 and had to resort to cannibalism to survive. Some say the Donner Party left its mark on those mountains. They say a curse remains to this day – a hunger that can make anyone capable of unspeakable evil. For seven teens that head up for a ski weekend, it’s just a scary story to tell around the campfire. But when one of the group turns up not only dead, but half-eaten, they’re forced to confront the possibility that the legend may be true. Nothing and no one is what it seems in this tightly woven dark thriller. And history doesn’t always stay in the past.

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“I loved this movie and will certainly watch it again. I loved everything about it. It was well directed and well acted out. I am going to order a copy. So, to the one person who doesn’t “get it”, then that’s their problem. I loved it.” ~ E Speaks

“A wild romp through blood-soaked snow with a clever historical connection and an unexpected twist at the end. Desiree Hall is great and the action keeps you hooked. This movie has earned a proud spot in my horror DVD collection.” ~ Johnny C.

“The film will engage you from start to finish and leave you wanting more. So what exactly will you get if you purchase Donner Pass? – some blood and guts, tiny bit of nudity, some facts about history, your daily dose of soap opera, suspense and thrills, and a movie that you will want to put in your DVD player again and again. Everyone, cast and crew, involved with Donner Pass put a lot of effort into this film and it will not dissapoint!” ~ Michael DeFellipo

“I’m a horror movie junkie and I loved this movie to death. The portrayals were believable and the plot twist was unexpected. As one who’s seen lots of movies, it’s hard to surprise me, but this one did. I recommend this one for anyone who loves a good story rooted in history. ” ~ Brian 
“I’m giving it a fairly high rating because it’s a good modern example of the slasher genre. Everything jells together for an effective horror romp in the California wilderness (shot at Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino National Forest and Monterey Park, California). Another plus is the awesome song played during the opening & end credits — “High Ground” by Orenda Fink. ” ~ Wuchack